Dr. Berndtson’s strength is the evaluation and management of chronic health problems that persist despite usual medical care. Many patients see Dr. Berndtson for help sorting out whether their symptoms could be related to Lyme disease of mold toxicity.

Lyme disease

When you present with concerns about Lyme disease, our task is to assess the likelihood that your symptoms can reasonably be explained as being due to:

  • Untreated Lyme disease
  • Inadequately treated Lyme disease
  • Post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome
  • Other tick-borne infections
  • Something other than Lyme or other tick-borne diseases

 Mold Toxicity

The commonly used term, mold toxicity, belies the true complexity of what is formally known as Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, or CIRS. In the mold toxicity version of CIRS, symptoms develop when genetically susceptible individuals are recurrently exposed to airborne mold toxins and other particulate inflammagens found in buildings where water water intrusion, slow leaks, or chronic condensation have not been managed.

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What We Don’t Treat

We are not a primary care practice. Dr. Berndtson’s background is in family medicine and primary care, but his strength lies in applying systems medicine methods to complex chronic health problems. We complement but cannot replace your current primary care physician.

Most of the patients we see already have a primary care physician. If you do not, we may be able to help you connect with a physician whose practice is able to meet your primary care needs.

For minor acute or urgent care needs, you should work through your source of primary care. If this is not available to you, call a local pharmacy-based clinic to see if their staff can help you. For emergencies, get yourself to the nearest emergency room or dial 911.

For patients with later stage heart, lung, liver, kidney, or neurological disease, our conventional health care system offers the high level skills that you need. Functional medicine methods like ours can sometimes play a secondary prevention role by slowing progression or reducing the occurrence of complications.

Most of our new patients are referred to us by word of mouth. Some schedule a visit as a result of something they learned on our website. Some get referrals from other health professionals.

In almost all cases, our new patients already know about what we treat and what makes us different. If, for whatever reason, you’re not sure about whether you’re the right kind of patient for us, contact us and our staff will help you make the right decision.