Systems Medicine

Our systems medicine approach is personalized, in-depth, science-based, and driven to get satisfying health results. We want to understand your health history starting with the last time you felt perfectly well.  Your history indicates which bodily systems started wobbling when and for what reason.  These clues help us determine what additional evaluation is warranted.  Your initial assessment phase results in a care plan targets the root causes of your illness and that is personalized to help you meet your particular health goals.

In many cases we offer guidance on nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, and other aspects of therapeutic lifestyle change.  Where pain is involved we may encourage physical evaluation and treatment including referral to a pain management practice.  In all cases, we’re dependent on your careful observations as to what’s changing as a result of our care plan.  Follow-up visits help us adjust the plan in a way that keeps you moving closer to to your goals.

We seek to complement, not replace, your primary care physician.  If you don’t have a primary care doctor, or you’d like a new one, we can recommend someone. When consultation with a medical specialist is warranted, we can arrange it.