Gluten sensitivity


Misdiagnosing Gluten Sensitivity by Keith Berndtson MD on GoAnimate

Are you gluten sensitive? Sorting out the correct answer to this question requires a systems approach. As with diabetes, there are two types of gluten sensitivity.

Type 1 gluten sensitivity is celiac permissive. Thus far three genes are known to permit the kind of gluten sensitivity that could progress all the way to celiac disease and a host of associated autoimmune diseases. Type 2 gluten sensitivity is not celiac permissive. Type 2 is called non-celiac gluten sensitivityBoth types of gluten sensitivity can cause nutrient malabsorption. Celiac permissive gluten sensitivity is switched on by a leaky gut, as first described in this paper by frontline gluten researcher and thought leader Alessio Fasano: Fasano-ScientificAmerican-2009.

At Park Ridge MultiMed, we pride ourselves on being leaders in sorting out the gluten question for our patients – without need for upper endoscopy. Gluten sensitivity is misunderstood in most health care settings and continues to be misdiagnosed. The slide presentation below walks you through the proper approach to determining whether you are gluten sensitive, and if so, which type(s) of gluten sensitivity you have.

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