Frequently Asked Questions

This section will help answer some of the most frequently asked questions at our clinic.

1. Do you take insurance?

We are not in-network with any major medical insurers and are not contracted with Medicare.  Payment is due at the time of service.  If you have medical insurance that is not Medicare, we will provide you with an invoice with the insurance coding and billing information for you to submit for reimbursement.  We are unable to provide invoices for Medicare patients.

2. How much do appointments cost?

The initial appointment is 2 Hours long.  The charge is $850.00.  Follow-ups are billed at $175/30 mins, $265/45 mins, and $350/60 mins.  Approximate length and frequency of visits will be determined by Dr. Berndtson at your first appointment.

3. What labs do you use and are they covered by insurance?

Labs can be drawn in our office by HealthLab.  A majority of the labs we order can also be done through Quest or LabCorp.  Those will be billed by the respective lab, usually at in-network benefits.  We also use specialty labs and testing some of the time and those vary on insurance coverage.

4. What conditions does Dr. Berndtson treat?

These answers can be found on our website if you click on this link, “What We Treat.”

5. How long does it take to get an appointment with Dr. Berndtson?

Right now, he is booking out about 12-16 weeks.  We do have a cancellation list, so there is an opportunity to get in sooner as appointments open up.  To schedule, call the office at 847-232-9800.

6.  I am coming from a distance, does Dr. Berndtson do phone consultations?

You will need to be in the office for the initial appointment.  Follow-ups can be done via phone and are billed at the rates above.  You may need to be present in the office at certain intervals if Dr. Berndtson is the prescribing physician for any medication.

7. Can you order any labs prior to my appointment?

Your CIRS (mold toxicity-related) Lab Draw Options

1. Get them done in our office the day of your visit.  Fasting not required for CIRS labs.

2. Get them done at a Quest facility near you. We have a sample order of the labs that he would recommend you can download here. You will need your current physician to sign off on ordering these tests though. Not all physicians are of the mind to cooperate with CIRS labs. CIRS labs require special processing and shipment methods. Please contact the office if the patient service center you go to is not familiar with the processing of these.

3. For other conditions, Dr. Berndtson will need to fully evaluate you during the initial consultation to determine what labs he would want to order.





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