As of Friday, September 1st, Dr. B will have fully transitioned to Haven Medical in Chapel Hill, NC. To learn about what this means for patients who want to continue care with Dr. B, please read the announcement below.

Transition Update for Patients of Dr. Berndtson

Beginning September 1st, 2017, Dr. B completes his transition to Haven Medical in Chapel Hill, NC. This means that, to continue care with Dr. B, you will need to register as a new patient with Haven Medical.

Registration and Medical Records

  1. Registration

Registration will grant you access to Haven’s system for scheduling, communication, recordkeeping, and patient care services. Before scheduling the next phone or in-person appointment, existing patients will need to become patients of the practice by filling out Haven’s intake & policy forms. Call (919) 969-1414 or email to obtain the paperwork. To schedule an appointment contact the new patient coordinator at the same phone number.

  1. Medical Records

We are working on transitioning Park Ridge records into Haven’s electronic record system. Understandably, this is taking a lot of time and energy! Thankfully, many patients who worked with Dr. B through Park Ridge should already have copies of their visit notes, lab results, and reports.

Communication and Eligibility for Continuing Care

For existing patients who want to continue as patients with Haven Medical, this means a couple of notable steps and changes:

  1. Email
    Dr. Berndtson’s “parkridgemd” email address will no longer be used for patient care. As of September 1st 2017, Dr. B will only be reachable through phone or in person appointments. Patients will still be able to email requests to the practice through  Requests able to be honored by email include prescription refills, test results, record requests, and brief letters (please avoid urgent letter requests by giving two weeks advance notice). If the request or related questions are more complex, we will advise an appointment by phone or in person. This will depend on what’s needed for Dr. B to be in compliance with State Medical Board rules.
  1. Appointments In-Person or by Phone
    Effective September 1st 2017, new patient appointments in person will be required on an annual basis for patients who have not been seen in person with Dr. B within a year. If an in person appointment is required, it will need to occur in advance to secure access to phone appointments and other patient care services. So if you request a phone appointment and your last in person appointment with Dr. B was over a year ago, then you will first need to schedule an in person visit to continue care with Dr. B through the only option left – Haven Medical.

Should questions arise, you can contact the new patient coordinator at (919) 969-1414.

To transition care to local providers look for systems medicine expertise in the evaluation and treatment of complex chronic conditions that have failed to respond to usual care. Look for experience with CIRS, tick-borne disease and other stealth infections, mast cell activation syndromes, POTS, dysautonomias, dysbiosis/leaky gut syndromes, as well as poorly explained fatigue, joint and muscle pains, headaches, and cognitive decline.

You can can access this kind of systems medicine expertise at Haven Medical, a friendly and relaxing environment located in the heart of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Address: 121 S Estes Dr, 205D, Chapel Hill NC  27514, Phone: (919) 969-1414, Fax: (919) 969-1415; email for basic inquiries:; for detailed inquires: phone or leave voice mail asking to speak with the new patient coordinator.

Haven Medical

Welcome to Haven Medical

121 S Estes Drive, 205D, Chapel Hill, NC 27514.

Phone: 919-969-1414  Fax: 919-969-1415






As was true for Park Ridge MultiMed, so it is with Haven Medical that a majority of our patients experience moderate to major improvement over time. Their outcomes are measurable. Even when the results are not as good as hoped, our patients are very satisfied with the quality of our effort. If you don’t need services like ours at this time, perhaps you know someone who’d appreciate learning about what we do. If so, your referral is kindly appreciated.

PLEASE NOTE: Dr. Berndtson retired his DEA license for controlled substance prescriptions as of July 1. Patients who were getting refills from Dr. B for opioids, stimulants, or benzodiazepines will need to find another prescriber. This applies to controlled sleep medications, muscle relaxants, and all other controlled substances. Dr. B’s goal is also the goal of Haven Medical: to find ways to manage the chronically painful aspects of chronic illness through lifestyle changes, self-regulation methods, and natural therapies.

Dr. B wishes all the best to all of his patients in transition!

PLEASE NOTE: The content posted on this website concerning “What We Treat,” “Cure Me,” “Mold Toxicity,” and “Lyme Disease,” is relevant to the kind of thinking that goes into how we evaluate and treat patients at Haven Medical. Not mentioned here, but also part of the evaluation process at Haven Medical, are Mast Cell Activation Syndromes, Hypermobility (symptoms related to looser connective tissues), POTS and other dysautonomia syndromes, Dysbiosis and Leaky Gut syndromes, and cognitive decline related to neuroinflammation from underlying infections, loss of growth and repair factors, dysglycemic metabolic imbalances, and/or indoor exposure to neurotoxic and neuroinflammatory biocontaminants related to neglected water damage.