Dr. Berndtson has accepted a position with Haven Medical in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

PLEASE NOTE: As of Friday June 30th, our office phone lines will be turned off. Faxes from patients, pharmacies, law firms, etc., should be directed to Haven Medical. Their fax number is (919) 969-1415.

Dr. Berndtson will be “off the grid” from July 1st through July 9th. He will resume taking emails to schedule phone consults as of July 10th. He will also answer questions as of July 10th. Long emails with multiple questions are better addressed by phone consultation.

PLEASE NOTE: Dr. Berndtson will retire his DEA license for controlled substance prescriptions as of July 1. Patients getting refills from Dr. B for opioids, stimulants, or benzodiazepines will need to find another prescriber. This also applies to controlled sleep medications, muscle relaxants, and all other controlled substances. 

Based on feedback from a patient, Dr. B no longer recommends the Coleman Institute as a place to obtain help managing controlled pain medications.

Learn more about about what this means for you by reading his letter and transfer of care info below.

A letter to my patients                   On transferring care

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Dr. Berndtson sees patients who suffer from symptoms and limitations that persist despite evaluation and treatment by other providers of medical care. He has a growing reputation for helping his patients restore healthy function where other well-meaning attempts have failed to do so.

His relative success with medically unexplained cases is in large part due to a practice method that requires deep investigation of each patient’s history of health decline from a systems medicine point of view. Health insurers take issue with the necessity of such an approach. Dr. Berndtson took an oath to serve patients, not insurance contracts. Insurance-controlled medicine stubbornly defies common sense when it comes to the care of patients with medically unexplained health problems. Dr. Berndtson opted out of Medicare and private health insurance networks because they only impede his ability to help such patients, many of whom feel kicked to the curb by insurance-controlled medical guidelines. He declines to be told by bureaucratic third parties how to practice his craft.

To learn more about Dr. Berndtson’s practice style, visit Our Approach.

You can access his systems medicine expertise in a friendly and relaxing environment located in the heart of Park Ridge’s historic Uptown district. To learn more, visit Location & Hours.

A majority of our patients experience moderate to major improvement over time. Their outcomes are measurable. Even when the results are not as good as hoped, with rare exceptions, our patients are very satisfied with the quality of our effort.

To learn more about the conditions we handle best, visit What We Treat. There you’ll find a range of educational resources about commonly mishandled medical conditions, including Lyme disease, mold toxicity, gluten sensitivity, mast cell activation syndromes, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and others.

As your health improves, we’ll equip you with tools you can use to maintain your gains so you can be reasonably less dependent on a costly health care system that’s going through an identity crisis. When it comes to medically unexplained conditions, physicians nationwide are being forced to adhere to misleading practice guidelines and definitions of medical necessity — rules that virtually guarantee that a majority of medically unexplained patients will be left to fend for themselves.

We hope that, over time, the new corporate-run version of value-based medicine will allow physicians more freedom to help patients whose chronic health problems are medically unexplained. Until that time arrives, there is Park Ridge MultiMed.

We sincerely appreciate your interest. We’re here to help solve or soften health problems that misguided medical approaches miss.

If you don’t need services like ours at this time, perhaps you know someone who’d appreciate learning about what we do. If so, your referral is kindly appreciated.