Dr. Berndtson has a strong reputation for helping  restore healthy function where usual medical care has failed to do so. What makes this possible? It’s not that he’s any smarter or that he any works harder than his colleagues – it’s that he approaches his problem solving task from a systems perspective. This approach is known either as systems medicine or functional medicine by those who practice it. Park Ridge MultiMed is among a small percentage of medical practices nationwide that can apply advanced systems medicine skills to the care of chronic illness. You can access this hard-to-find expertise in a friendly and relaxing environment located in the heart of Park Ridge’s historic Uptown district. To learn more, visit Location & Hours.

Since our health system stubbornly defies common sense when it comes to a personalized, systems medicine approach to chronic illness, Dr. Berndtson must operate out-of-network with Medicare and private health insurance networks, which only get in the way of deeply thoughtful medical care. Health insurance contracts are stacked against the kind of care Dr. Berndtson provides. He took an oath to serve patients, not insurance contracts. He refuses to be told by third parties how to practice his trade. To learn more about Dr. Berndtson’s practice style, visit Our Approach.

A majority of our patients experience moderate to major improvement over time. Even when the results are not as good as hoped, our patients are routinely satisfied with the quality of our effort. To learn more about the conditions we handle best, visit What We Treat. There you’ll find a range of educational resources that help explain commonly unexplained and non-responsive chronic medical conditions, including Lyme disease, mold toxicity, gluten sensitivity, subtle hypothyroidism, and a range of other conditions that, for reasons that beg explanation, remain invisible to most mainstream practitioners.

One of our goals is to help you learn which skills and methods deserve a place in your self-care toolkit going forward. We want to equip you with tools you can use to maintain your health so you can be reasonably less dependent on a costly health care system that’s in the midst of an identity crisis. Self-care driven lifestyle changes are a critical component not only in reaching for optimal health for one and all, but in reaching for the much-needed stewardship role that we need to take on as a show of respect for nature’s majestic power to determine our fate as a species.

We sincerely appreciate your interest in Park Ridge MultiMed. We’re here to help solve problems that narrow networks of health system-aligned medical staff fail to solve. We apologize in advance to the well-meaning physicians in these networks, for they have no choice but to obey rules handed to them and enforced by business managers.

We also apologize that our insurance-driven health system has “necessity” issues with our approach to medically unexplained or non-responsive forms of chronic illness. That’s a shame for you and for other plan members who wonder why such a sensible approach to the chronically ill is not covered by your hard-earned dollars. How sad that this failure to embrace complexity and deal with medical reality requires you to to leave your network and pay again to get answers that work.

If you don’t need or cannot afford services like ours at this time, perhaps you know someone who’d appreciate learning about what we do.  If so, your referral is kindly appreciated.